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Save Fuel on Summer Road Trips
July 19th, 2018 by:
Good Wheels

Ways to Save Fuel on Summer Road Trips.

Saving, Fuel

It seems inevitable, as soon as summer travel season begins, gas prices go up. There are many ways to save on gas that don’t require a lot of effort on your part. lists some simple, everyday tactics, such as:

  • Buy gas early or late in the day, especially during warm months. Gas is cooler earlier in the day, and more dense.  As temperatures rise, gas density falls and you get less of it when you pump.
  •  Drive at a steady pace instead of speeding up and slowing down often; this results in gas efficiency.
  •  Avoid idling, which is a major waste of gas. Even while waiting at a railroad crossing, turn off the engine.
  •  Make sure tires are properly inflated. Under-inflation causes tires to wear out faster and wastes gas. Properly inflated tires reduce friction and offer better gas mileage.
  •  Maintain your engine and have filters checked and changed if necessary; a well-cared-for car uses less gas.
  •  Be sure to use the proper motor oil. If you’re not sure which type your car requires, check the owner’s manual or do a search online. Using the wrong motor oil can cause the engine to work harder and waste gas.
  •  Only use the air conditioner when necessary; roll the windows down during cooler times of the day or night.
  •  Park in the shade, if possible so that the car’s engine does not have to work so hard to cool the interior during hot summer days.
  •  Fill the tank near state lines, where gas prices are sometimes lower; stations at congested exits and in big cities often charge the highest prices per gallon.
  •  Download a gas app to learn where stations are located and where gas is cheapest.  GasBuddy & AAA TripTik are two free ones for smartphones.

Lastly, gas credit cards and some supermarket reward cards offer incentives to use toward gas purchases. But Consumer Reports suggests a rewards credit card over a gas card for a greater return. Plus, some stations reduce prices per gallon if paying with a debit card or with cash.

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