What is Buy Here Pay Here?

Of the many financing programs we offer our clients, Buy Here Pay Here is our specialty. A lot of people have misconceptions about what our “Buy Here Pay Here” program is and how it can help. There are many benefits to using our program, and here are just a few of them:


- You can buy a good, dependable car, truck, van, or SUV. We have vehicles to fit any need or purpose.

- Our #1 priority is customer service.

- Buying a car from us will help improve your credit score as we report to two major credit bureaus.

- ALL of our preowned cars go through an intensive service process before ever hitting the lot. We fix any existing problems and have everything checked by several auto mechanics. No other BHPH dealership can say the same.

- We keep your payments affordable. Everyone has a different situation, so we look at every customer individually.

- We do what is best for our customers!


Buy Here Pay Here Financing Program

We have close partnerships with local banks, financing agencies, and our own financing company to ensure that we can offer you a variety of loan programs to better suit your needs. In the financing process, first we’ll assess your financial status and then find a car that will suit both your wallet and personal needs.


Financing a Used Car on Bad Credit

At Good Wheels we understand that your situation is unique, so we do not set minimum down payment limits for our customers. Payment frequency (weekly/bi-weekly/monthly) will depend on how your own income schedule, and the amount will depend on several factors, such as the price of the car and the particular financing plan you’ve selected. Most importantly, we prepare all repayment schedules to let you pay back your loan in comfortable installments so that you are not struggling to pay your regular bills on top of your car payments.


Rebuild Poor Credit through Buy Here Pay Here

By enrolling in our Buy Here Pay Here program, you will also be taking active steps to reviving your credit score. We report every payment you make to two of the three major credit bureaus. This way your official credit report will accurately reflect the work you’ve put into it. Now when you want to buy a car with bad credit, you’ll be able to get on the road and improve your credit at the same time.

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